Peerless Europe Limited UK - Industrial Silencers(Burgess Manning)


Acoustic barriers within the silencer are used to reflect noise energy back to the source to attenuate low frequency noise. Perforated or slotted baffle tubes connect each chamber for effective broad-band, low-frequency performance. Acoustic performance is a function of overall volume and the configuration of the silencer internals.


These systems combine absorptive and reactive designs to cover a broader range of frequencies to improve overall performance.


Silencer shells are lined with absorptive material to dissipate acoustic energy to attenuate high frequency noise. Typical designs use mineral wool, glass fibre, polyester or metallic scrubble as the absorptive material. Burgess-Manning offers packing that is suitable for Oxygen service and also offers its patented “SSF technology” for severe service.

Throttling Diffuser/Inhibitive

Used to prevent noise in pressure reduction applications typically encountered in vent or process piping systems. Impedance devices are used to dissipate acoustic energy at the source, eliminating the need for additional noise reduction components.