Richards Industries - Jordan Valve

Mark 16 Series Side Mounted I/P and P/P

The Mark 16 Side Mounted Pneumatic Positioner converts a low input signal from a pneumatic controller into a high output pneumatic signal for improved positioning. The Mark 16-I/P Side Mounted Electro-Pneumatic Positioner converts an analog input signal

657M Series Diaphragm Actuator

The 657M Actuator is used for the automatic operation of control valves, and is designed as a direct acting, spring-opposed diaphragm. By varying the pneumatic loading pressure on the actuator diaphragm, the valve plug within the body will open, close or throttle.

Mark 53/54 Series Differential Back Pressure

The Mark 53 maintains a constant differential between the inlet pressure and the pressure loaded on top of the diaphragm. It can be used for both differential and remotely adjusted applications.

Mark 608 Series Low-Pressure Gas/Tank Blanketing Regulator

The 1-1/2* and 2* size Mark 608 valves are suitable for large tank blanketing applications and other low-pressure gas regulation. In a tank blanketing application, the Mark 608 is used to control the flow of the blanketing gas into the tank to maintain the proper positive pressure.

Mark 627 Series Gas Service Regulator

The Mark 627 is a self-operated, pressure-reducing regulator that provides accurate regulation and tight shutoff on low- or high-pressure systems. Use on air, natural gas, or a variety of other gases.

Mark 87 Series Piloted Temperature Regulator

The Mark 87 piloted temperature regulator is the sliding gate valve engineered to provide wide rangeability and greater accuracy for a variety of temperature control applications.

Y-Type Strainers

Y-type line strainers protect your fluid handling system against the damage that can occur to valves, traps and other equipment when foreign matter such as dirt, scale or welding particles travel through the pipeline.

Mark D and DA Series Globe and Angle Control Valve

The Mark D and DA Series are single port, screwed-in metal-seated valves with unbalanced post-guided valve plugs, and push-down-to-close plug action used for high pressure applications.

Mark 70/701/702/711/707 Series ? Sliding Gate Control Valve

The Mark 70 Series is a line of pneumatically-operated, diaphragm control valves that combine multiple spring actuators with the precision of sliding gate seat for closer control and greater accuracy.

V1S Series Globe Style Heavy Duty Valve

A stem guided globe valve with a cage-retained seat ring, featuring a wide range of corrosion resistant materials and quick change trim with linear or equal percentage flow characteristic. Available in sizes 1-1/2* to 6*. End connections: threaded, ANSI Flanges, DIN Flanges.

Mark 75 Series Wafer Style Control Valve

The Mark 75 Series is the next generation of control valves by Jordan Valve with all the benefits of the sliding gate seat design, coupled with the lightweight, compact wafer style body, the Mark 75 provides unparalleled performance and value.

Mark 79/79MX Series 3 Way Mixing/Diverting Valve

The Mark 79 is an air-operated control valve that can accept a 3-15 psi air signal from any of the temperature or process controllers sold by Jordan Valve.