T.D Williamson - Pipeline Casing Spacer (Insulator & Seal)

SMLS Stainless Steel

Concentric Support Insulator

Standard Centering Cradles are used to center the pipe in the end of the casing, making it easy to install TDW Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal. The cradles also carry the weight of backfill dirt and insulate the pipe from the casing. They are recommended for use with TDW Concentric Support Insulators. Nonconcentric 3-Way Cradles restrain pipe in all directions. They are used with U-SEAL™ Casing Seals

Welded Stainless Steel

U-SEAL Casing Seal

The U-SEAL™ Casing Seal allows maximum flexibility for carrier pipe movement and concentric installations. The seal is held firmly in place by stainless steel bands and clamps. It comes in sizes 2" (50 mm) and larger.

The Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal is a thick, heavy-duty casing seal for installations where an extra rugged seal is desired.

Stainless steel bands hold the seal firmly in place. Z-SEAL Casing Seals come in sizes 2" (50 mm) and larger.