Peerless Europe Limited UK - Separation and Filtration

Coalescing Absolute Separators

Coalescing Absolute Separator will remove 99.999% of all liquid droplets 0.3 microns and larger. Mass carryover down to less than 1ppb.

Multi-Cyclone & Axial Flow Cyclone Separators

Multi-Cyclone Separators will remove 100% of all liquid and solid particles 8 microns and larger.

Liquid Filtration

Cartridge filter system for high efficiency removal of solids from liquids.

Vane Separator

Peerless Standard Line Separators provide a direct, straight-through design most typically used in plant air or gas systems. Body nominal diameters from 150mm to 500mm and ratings up to 50 bar are available from stock.

Consult A Peerless Specialist For Your Separation, Retrofit, And Spares Requirements

This Peerless Filter Separator is installed at a compressor station in natural gas transmission service.

Two-Stage Peerless Extraction Design Maximizing Liquid Handling

A 2500mm diameter Peerless Swirl Tube Separator installed in a gas gathering system. Typical flow is 3 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day.

Horizontal Or Vertical Configurations

Two Peerless Multi-Cyclone Scrubbers installed at a metering station in western Canada. Typical natural gas flow through these 2000mm diameter vessels is 2.5 billion standard cubic feet per day.

Absolute Separator

This Absolute Separator is installed in a metering station in Canada. Its 2500 mm ID housing utilises a full diameter, quick-opening closure.