Peerless Europe Limited UK - Waste Water Treatment(Skimovex)

Oily Water Separators MFX TYPE in Steel Tank (Degasser)

The produced water containing oil and partly dissolved hydrocarbon gasses enters the separator above the free liquid surface. The enables part of the gas to immediately free itself from the liquid and flow towards the gas outlet.

Oily Water Separators Hydrocyclones

Deoiler Hydrocyclones were developed for the offshore oil industry in the 1980s and rapidly became established as standard equipment used for recovery of oil from Produced Water streams.

Oily Water Separators CKS TYPE in Concrete Basin

The oily water enters the separator via a specially designed slotted cross pipe that distributes the flow over the width of the separator basin.


Induced air/gas flotation (impellor or recycle design).

Oily Water Separators IGF Recycle Type

This system is normally used on offshore produced water clean-up and generally follows a tilted plate separator to give back-up and final polishing before discharge.

Industrial Effluent Treatment


Oily Water Treatment